marketing strategies and concepts

marketing strategies and concepts

focusing beyond the point of sale, we are experts in brick and mortar retail environment design, online to offline retail transformation, impactful B2B+B2C trade-fairs and immersive consumer experiences.

et tu tableau is your strategic marketing concept partner. we work with your marketing and sales teams providing consultation, budget management, project leadership and training. through our network we can see your marketing campaigns through from concept to implementation by solving, designing, producing, delivering and managing the final setup.




Lucas Fortes da Silva

Creative Director - Owner


Chiara Ciccarello

architect - designer - artist - illustrator

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in the press

“showcasing their latest Virtual Reality technology, you got to get a quick glimpse of what to expect on the big screen”



“The narrow interior of the store is airy and free of unnecessary décor.”

- The new york times


“Reminiscent of the traditional ‘spit and sawdust’ pub of the Victorian era.”



“It’s better than a ring and run!”

- translated from fritz radio berlin (audio link)


“Miami: so hot right now”