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2018 –

Et Tu Tableau is your strategic marketing concept partner. We work with, and as needed, will supplement your existing marketing team by providing education, consultation, budget experience, and project leadership. Our areas of focus are: brick and mortar retail environments, online to offline retail transformation, impactful B2B/B2C trade-fairs, and immersive consumer experiences beyond the point of sale.


Reestablished in 2013, now in Berlin Germany’s Wedding district, Et Tu Tableau brought together 20+ combined years of successful retail, brand building, marketing, production, architecture, and design experience to develop brand environments for retail and wholesale trade. Manufacturing and installing fixtures, fittings, and trade show stands; as well as producing sales and marketing events from the concept idea to the final curtain call.

One of Et Tu Tableau’s biggest accomplishment’s during this time was the creation of Webfest Berlin “Germany’s First International “Digital Series” Content Festival.” A leader in the entertainment industry, Webfest Berlin Founder Meredith Burkholder co-founded Et Tu Tableau in 2013.

1989 – 2012

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 1989 as an independent wholesale women’s apparel showroom, Et Tu Tableau is a family business that has been developing new retail and brand markets for 30 years. We were on the ground with now iconic brands like Stüssy, Replay, Miss Sixty and Fossil. We also worked with many brands that are now forgotten by name but not by their impact; Fitigues launching casual thermal wear as ‘athleisure’ back in 1988 (Kanye was about 11 years old at the time), and Michael Stars was developing the perfect “T” in 1986 (almost 4 years before American Apparel was founded)!

In the mid 2000’s designers and brands began consolidating sales together with marketing. Often bringing in the road warriors and closing regional showrooms. Et Tu Tableau maintained independence by expanding its representation and to include global designers and artists. The company rebranded as storylines by federico mariel and the lines now included accessories, and artists, painters, sculptors, print-makers; fashion and art together! Always pushing boundaries the showroom transformed into a “concept store”; but, Dallas isn’t Paris and without a storefront storylines never became Texas’ own Collette and closed it’s second showroom in 2012.



Richard: All right, now it's sale time, so remember, we don't take no -
Tommy: No shit from anyone!
Richard: No.
Tommy: Um, we don't take no prisoners!
Richard: We don't take no for answer.
Tommy: Oh yeah.

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Lucas Fortes da Silva

Creative Director - Owner

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Chiara Ciccarello

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The narrow interior of the store is airy and free of unnecessary décor.
— The New York Times
It’s better than a ring and run!
— Translated; Fritz Radio Berlin
Reminiscent of the traditional ‘spit and sawdust’ pub of the Victorian era
You got to get a quick glimpse of what to expect on the big screen.
Miami: so hot right now